3 At The Tolbooth

Today I have been in the Tolbooth Arts Centre in Kirkcudbright with my two friends Linda Woodfield and Phil McMenemy where we hung an exhibition on tuesday. It is to be there for two weeks, until August 31st which is the bank holiday monday if you are in the area and fancy popping in.

The centre dates back to 1629 when I believe it was a town hall and prison, hence it is built of solid stone and has some fabulous window sills and nooks and crannies.

Phil does the stunning photography and can always be relied upon to tell a good tale and generally entertain the troops.

Linda makes rich quilts and textile panels, here she is hanging one to replace the one that she sold straight away as she got it on the wall before we had even opened properly!

A holiday snap, the two pf us in the Doone Valley in our tent enjoying some red wine from our newly acquired drinking vessels.
Speaking of drinking vessels I hope you enjoy the mug Anna, I wondered when you would be given that.
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4 Responses to 3 At The Tolbooth

  1. I love the new photo on your blog header. Also the tent picture, brings back many happy memories of Gerry and me doing the very same thing. We have graduated to camping in our Eurovan, no more wet tents to pack in the mornings YAY!

  2. Sounds like a great show, Hannah. Will you post more photos when it's hung?

  3. Anna says:

    Of course I love the mug! (Full of water right now since its been so blasted hot here.) Such a nice surprise…I had hoped. 🙂 Dan gave it to me in the middle of our First Friday event after I had helped out at the front desk that afternoon. He told me he wanted me to stew a bit (4 days!)before giving it to me!I love the photo of your plate in the window niche. The contrast is just so cool.

  4. ang says:

    lovely knew pic H…hope the shows a good one, always nice to mix it up media wise…

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