This is a not particularly good image of one of the tables of entries for the Clayopolis competition at Potfest. I always forget to take many pictures at these things. Somewhere I have a picture of the piece that won which was a potter taking his pots to Clayopolis to see if they were good enough to be accepted into the city. You can just about see my entry on there, makes me realise just how tiny it was.

These are just a couple of stalls of friends of mine, David Wright and Sue Dunne, very different styles of work and very different ways of displaying but I think each suited the work on display in them.

For me it’s been another very slow day, everything turns to snails pace when my asthma gets bad, I always forget what it’s like in between times but soon remember when something sets it off. So I finished the sgraffito harvest jug, I still find sgraffito a very different way of thinking about decorating to the slip trailing. With slip trailing now I feel pretty sure about the sort of line that I am going to make with the tool, the way it flows and the thickness of line and I know I just get the one chance so I just go at it. Sgraffito is not something I do as often and I think the fact that it is so much more like drawing with a pencil makes me a bit more wary as I’m not all too keen on the idea of “proper” drawing, it puts me on edge a bit. I tend to do a lot more thinking before I actually set the tool into the clay and I tend to do some preliminary ink lines on the pot first.

I threw a little bunch of small harvest-ish jugs too as I had enjoyed decorating the others so much.

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  1. I’m glad there is someone besides myself putting the date on pots. Nice.

  2. Big Al says:

    But you do paint! drawing or using slip, especially slip, is painting without a brush! Always amazed at your work.BTW…do you sell on line like Ron?

  3. Poor Hannah, I hate that feeling when you’re gasping for breath! Just glad I have not had that for some time. (I went to my GP and said come on isn’t there something you can do? So she put me on a long term preventer, but I expect you will have already done that, good luck).

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Michael, They are all dated, sometimes I think it must be a silly thing to do when you get an odd random one that’s still here 5 years later but still they all get it, usually on a swipe of slip on the bottom.I don’t sell on-line as such though I can do mail order and I’m just making an order for a shop that it internet based. Will tell you more about that when it’s ready.

  5. Big Al says:

    Hannah, what is up? I’ve not had a Hannah fix in 4 days. Getting the DT’s. How about a post for us? Pleeeeeeeezzzz?Hope the asthma and/or cold is not worse and that all is well.

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