I found this not so wee monster on his back in the middle of my workshop floor this morning, how on earth he got there I have no idea. Never seen one like that around these parts before.

Being as my hands were still sore this morning I thought I would do something different,I’ve had these frames for ages and never done anything with them. Why I thought rolling out clay would be less harsh on my hands I don’t know anyway it was a different movement for them at least. I don’t know whether these will work as I didn’t put any cloth in there so the clay is supported by the wooden edge of the frame and a board underneath to stop it sagging too much and pulling through. They have lovely round bottoms though, don’t know if the photo below shows it too well. How on earth I will slip them is anybodies guess. They may turn into my competition piece for Potfest, theme “Clayopolis.”

See what I mean about the bottoms, I think I will put some feet on them of some description but haven’t decided yet but without feet they won’t be very useful as they’ll shimmy all across the table.

Then, again because I had sore hands (durr!) I decorated the big bowl I threw last week, because of course holding 16lb of clay on one hand while you pour in a jug of slip and then turning it over and shaking it is of course a great way to rest aching hands isn’t it.

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  1. potterboy says:

    The wee monster looks like a female stag beetle to me – not that common anywhere although I seem to remember hearing that beetles are having a good year. They certainly are in my unkempt garden. They usually fly with a loud and frightening buzzing.Oh and I must complement you on that bottom – very nice.

  2. Ron says:

    Nice one A.D.Hey Hannah, hope your hands get to feeling better.

  3. Big Al says:

    Hannah, if you put a flat piece of wood under the bottom, would that flatten it out and make it sit level on a table? you plate would have a flat spot in the bottom so I’m not sure if that would ruin the effect you were after.I love these! Great serving pieces! Pile up those with ribs, barbeque, slaw and hushpuppies and we are good to go!

  4. Hannah says:

    I did just that Big Al before I left this afternoon.I’m not sure if feet would spoil them too much so thought i’d try flattening the bases just a touch. Watch this space.

  5. ang says:

    lovely bowl H, your symmetry is working nicely … you prob should give those hands a rest..

  6. Hannah says:

    Am resting my hands today after a rough but thankfully not tumble bike ride last night. Wasn’t sure that was a good idea but it seems to have shaken a bit of tension out of my body which has helped. Thanks for the beetle in Andrew I knew you’d clear that one up. Thanks for the other comment too!

  7. potterboy says:

    My pleasure :)You want to watch this physical exercise thing – it can be dangerous…

  8. paul jessop says:

    Andrew How can you tell it’s a female ? were you able to spot some high heels and matching hand bag, or had it just done twice as much work as the male one.

  9. potterboy says:

    I thought I could see a touch of mascarer (?) and some lippie although these days that doesn’t tell you anything. Besides the males are really big brutes – you wouldn’t want to cross one.

  10. I was told that you should always take care of black beetles as they eat all the nasty bugs, wish they’d eaten my cold but I don’t think it was that kind of bug they were on about. Go on do some nice feet that would be more interesting than a flat bottom (you’re never going to get a satisfactory inside shape to mirror the rim if you go for flat) and having feet sounds less painful than bashing your bottom flat anyway.

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