Paul was making dinner tonight while I was baking millionaire’s shortbread and he made the comment that living in this house is difficult because not only do you have to decide what to make to eat (Vietnamese chicken curry with kumara very damn good actually) but you have to decide on the bowls to serve it in and different little ones for the rice and then on the type of drinking vessel too and boy is there a selection to chose from. I think secretly he enjoys it though.

I decided that six hours was plenty to spend on decorating a jug, oh I really hope it stays in one piece and survives the firings. So it’s done now and is sitting out to dry.

The afternoon was spent decorating the puzzle jugs which I really enjoyed, the one above says
“May you always have
love to share,
health to spare
and friends that care.”
Slightly odd tulip thing, I was trying to just use the white slip and then a bit of cobalt sneaked in there.

This one I think says
“The day is thine
abuse it not
perhaps tomorrow
commeth not.”
I was doing this video and realised it was going far too fast to see anything, that’s what I’m laughing at in the film.

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  1. Ron says:

    I love these all Hannah. The scraffitto one is my favorite. I like the stars a lot. Nice to hear you laughing.

  2. potterboy says:

    That is pretty darned good deco on that harvest jug – really very Fishley. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to do and I think you’re the first person I’ve seen doing this sgraffito and cutting away (I think there’s someone Doug knows that does it, perhaps.) I’ve been reading Anne Hayward’s book on wood engraving and it’s a similar technique – looks way too tricky to try (she did engravings on Mary Wondrauch’s garden.)Good stuff!

  3. doug fitch says:

    Stunning – always stunning.The guy I know’s Harry Juniper of Bideford

  4. potterboy says:

    Yes – that’s the chappy. He had some pots at one of the exhibitions at John’s.

  5. Brilliant decoration on the big jug, just one thing wrong – you must drive your accountant bananas! (cost control, time and motion studies ARRRRGH!)

  6. Hannah says:

    Thanks folks, Jason does a lotof the cutting away thing. I always love it when I do it but don’t do it too pften. On the everydau useful tableware it would indeed just make it too expensive. This one is a present though for a very good friend so I don’t care. (Hope my accountant isn’t reading this.)Andrew, I think the wood engraver must be good if Mary has her doing stuff for her. Harry Juniper is pretty amazing though isn’t he! I’ve only ever seen pictures of it though.

  7. paul jessop says:

    I’m just glad I keep my decoration like my brain ” Simple”.

  8. Wow, you very clever lady. These are amazing as always.Did you get my email I sent you?M

  9. potterboy says:

    Some of the engravings appear in the book about Mary’s house – they are wonderful but I can’t find them for sale anywhere.John had some of the Juniper jugs – I think they’re still there – and some lovely engravings too – maybe some of those are by her. Dunno.

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