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More Snow and Some Slip

Long time no pots it seems. Life feels like it is conspiring against me getting properly into pottery making so far this year. Well this is me telling it that actually pots are having their turn now. My flights are … Continue reading

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Day 4 of it

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Snowy Day 3

I managed to hitch a lift down to the workshop today, I should have filmed the journey, still erring on the side of unbelievable bonkers-ness. Managed to save all my plates which was very exciting, I hadn’t expected that. Thanks … Continue reading

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Snow Update

Today I managed to get out and amuse myself in it before unearthing more fire wood from the snow filled shed. Toasty inside now, fire lit, books being red, cat still being rather perturbed.

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What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday it was all blue skies and sunshine, oh bitterly cold yes but sunny. And then, oh my what happened then? Winter came back good and proper. I’m snowed in today. The last couple of days, finally, for the first … Continue reading

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Pictures of Pots

Sorry I have been rather quiet of late, partly due to not having very much to report and partly due to just wanting to lie low and partly due to the complete incompetence of British Telecom. Anyway as much as … Continue reading

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