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A Breath of Creative Fresh Air and Exciting News

Week eight of my print making course. So far we have covered introductions into additive and subtractive mono printing, intaglio using acetate as the plate and now it’s time for lino. I absolutely haven’t had the time to take off … Continue reading

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Autumn Days

When I was a child all these weird adults used to tell me that time flew by faster the older you got. I thought they were ridiculous. How wrong was I ? – Again! Somehow it’s almost November, yes I … Continue reading

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Once upon a time I made pots

It feels like a life time ago when I last sat down to make pots properly. I had, a small problem shall we politely call it, with my glaze. ie it had decided that with my latest batch of clay … Continue reading

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Dear Ms McAndrew

This last week I received an email from a student asking me very politely if I would mind answering some questions for her as part of her course. I get this sort of request fairly regularly and I always try … Continue reading

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New energy

Wanlockhead, the highest village in Scotland and the hills around it were mined, from the 13th Century until 1950 for their contents of a dull grey heavy mineral, that of lead. Paul and I spent last weekend up in Sanquhar … Continue reading

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Finally some sunshine.

This morning I determined that I should ride to work the long way, haven’t done it in ages and I needed some head clearing and to get it full of some of those good chemicals that exercise gives you. It … Continue reading

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I wish I could show you

I wish I could show you, When you are alone or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being. Hafiz Hafiz – Hafiz

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