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Drowning in Jugs

This jug was meant to have something else entirely on it but I wasn’t concentrating when I stirred the slip and didn’t realise till it was too late that it was too thick for what I wanted. So it ended … Continue reading

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From sunshine to impending doom

Well, the title may sound dramatic but it is what I felt as I stood at the top of a hill yesterday bathed in sunshine when I was out for a ride and looked in the direction that would take … Continue reading

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Last Minute Dash Down South Decision

Well I wasn’t planning on going away last week but after a couple of weeks of driving the cat doolally with my talking to her at every waking minute (Paul is away so poor Biscuit gets talked at a lot!) … Continue reading

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This time last year…

[youtube] So this time last year I was (I have had it confirmed now) in America with Mr Doug Fitch and staying with Hollis Engley and Dan Finnegan and Ron Philbeck and meeting up with many many potters and … Continue reading

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Friday all day

This morning when I got to work there was a parcel waiting for me addressed as above. Made me smile, which was something I needed this morning. It contained a lovely new mug from Mr Paul Jessop which was very … Continue reading

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Tokyo, America, Craft&Design, Winter

Last weekend was Art Fair Tokyo and I was very pleased to be represented at it by Gallery St Ives of Tokyo. Koichiro Isake who runs the gallery had asked for pots by myself and Doug Fitch and Clive Bowen … Continue reading

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Ham House

Well these are the biggest plates that I can fit in my electric kiln. They looked pretty big – until they got into their new home at Ham House. Now they look like tiny sized plates on this enormous table … Continue reading

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