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South : North Divide?

Following on from the collaboration that was in the last blog post, here is something a bit different. This one has little to do with me other than these pots were fired in my kiln last week. These are part … Continue reading

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“After Ai Weiwei”

Title: “After Ai Weiwei”.Photography: Phil McMenemy.From collaborative exhibition between Phil McMenemy and Hannah McAndrew, “Still Movement” at Gracefield Arts Centre. 2011.

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Big Blog

Yesterday I did something that felt pretty important to me and rather momentous – maybe. I packed the first ever of my wood fired pots that are heading off for an exhibition. They are going to be a part of … Continue reading

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Opened – Too Flipping Soon Fool That I Am

Well this morning the pyro was reading 80. I stuck my hand in through one of the spy holes and it didn’t feel as much as that so I took the four spies out and went and had a cuppa … Continue reading

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Sunny Scotland Fine For Firing

Pots poised, glazed and waiting to be transported down to my wood kiln, this was monday. I had the two best expert helpers that I could have wished for with me this time. I am really pleased that I did … Continue reading

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Flapping February

The year started with me trying to make a conscious effort not to end up in a panic again over things and to make sure I concentrated on everything I did and not to flap so flipping much. Well I … Continue reading

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February Already?

I love the pancheon shape but have never made them before. They tend to be simply slipped and stunning for it and I figured that diidn’t match me too well. I just realised this week that they didn’t have to … Continue reading

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