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I Scout. Do you? Have you ever? Would you again? Why do I? Why don’t you? I do for lots of reasons. To begin with, years back when I joined as a Venture Scout it was because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Jugs Jugs Jugs

I had a count up the other day. I have 47 jugs to decorate. Blimey, how did that happen? Better get those trailers flying. I’m liking these new jugs shapes. They’re very different to fit patterns onto but I’ve run … Continue reading

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I live in a lovely place.

Slip slop time. Don’t look at the dodgy looking 1 that looks like a 2 on the left hand jug though. Oops. I’ve been out and about today driving around the area. It was a stunningly beautiful day. I drove … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tuesday

Here is a picture of the chaos that was my work bench this morning, some people think that my workshop is always spotlessly tidy and neat and clean. This is just a segment of the madness that was in there … Continue reading

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Monday Monday

“How do I love thee (oh book of Medieval Pottery in the Yorkshire Museum)?Let me count the ways.” Once again that slim little paper backed volume makes me long to be able to make pots even an ounce as beautifully … Continue reading

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Slip Trailers at Dawn

I’ve a few of my big chargers ordered at the moment, it’s a bit daunting when the biggies are ordered, a bit more pressure to get them through safely. These two are (hopefully) heading down to a National Trust property, … Continue reading

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Peace and Wriggly Wobbly bottoms.

Firstly a commissioned bowl. Secondly some wriggly wobbly bottoms.

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Drawing Dilemas

“I don’t do drawing”. I’ve said it many many times. 2012 though has one of my resolutions to be “do more drawing”. I’m trying… Some work better than others by a mile. They are all to do with pots that … Continue reading

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Hannah McAndrew “UUM”

(this mug looks gigantic but though it is big isn’t as bucket sized as it looks in this picture) So it’s the end of the first week back at work, it’s flown around, before I know it it’ll be June … Continue reading

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First Slip Encounters of 2012

For those of you outwith the tiny islands that make up the British Isles you may not know that we appear to have been living through constant gale force crazy winds for the last couple of days. It’s pretty crazy, … Continue reading

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