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A Slippy Week’s Work

Phew, it’s been an awfully long and tiring sort of week this week, everything has been kind of hard work, it’s been cold and wet and windy and a bit quiet and lonely. I’ve had lots to do though so … Continue reading

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Ceramics a Fragile History – for those outwith the UK.

[youtube] Thank you BBC

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USA Slipware Tour Volume V (I think)

This afternoon as I stared out at the rain that was falling from the gray sky, the rain that was so close to being sleet I shut my eyes just for a couple of moments and accidental spent a good … Continue reading

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Blossoms, Fruit and Orchards

Go and see it if you get the chance, there is some really lovely work there from a great variety of artists and makers. The two pieces I chose of mine to go have both been sold already and so … Continue reading

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Printing Printing Printing

I had a lucky day last week when I was able to spend the day in the print room at Gracefield learning new stuff. I do enjoy learning new stuff but I am prone to getting a little waylaid by … Continue reading

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Fire in the stove day

Today I conceded defeat and lit the stove, it was long fingered gloves on the ride to work day and lighting the stove to get some warmth in the place day. I came home and found this tiny little rose … Continue reading

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Jugs and Kiwis

More jugs, these again all being well for me to take to Philadelphia, I now have a lead free honey glaze that has been certified as suitable to send to the USA – big relief, not as juicy as mine … Continue reading

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