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Potfest in the Park 2010

So tomorrow I’ll be off to Potfest in thePark at Hutton-in-the-Forest near Penrith, Bloggers Margaret and Christine will also be exhibiting and many other fab and grand potters besides. Do come along and see us, it’ll be a great show.I … Continue reading

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Hard days with really nice surprise bits

I had visitors on monday, two of them, first this little mite who accidentally ended up in the workshop, I think he was aiming for the bird feeder but missed. Very sweet he was, had to pick him up and … Continue reading

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Owl day

This morning I looked at the title of Ron’s latest post in my blog feed and thought it said “A Few New Owls” and then clicked it but couldn’t find the owls only to realise that it actually said “A … Continue reading

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Six Weeks On

Today it is 6 weeks since the little incident with the van. Today is the first day I’ve ridden my bike to work and enjoyed the ride rather than spending the journey trying not to over stretch or tweak my … Continue reading

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Another Odd Wednesday

Well today I had to do this to my wheel, very artfully done I think, don’t you? Just one swipe with a clay filled hand. It’d be advertising otherwise, so I’m told. My workshop got taken over by what felt … Continue reading

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Just one more wafer thing mug sir?

It’s what you might call a full kiln. That’s every one of the Yacht Club prizes in for a bisque. That of course means that I’ve not a cat in hells chance of getting everything through in one glaze firing … Continue reading

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Slippy slippy days are back

I’ve been slipping pots this last week, trying desperately to be careful and not spend too long doing any one thing before stretching and moving about and trying not to hunch over and trying not to over do it. Any … Continue reading

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Back to that cloud with it's silver lining

I’ve wanted a van for blooming years, many girls crave sports cars with fold down lids, whatever they’re called. Me I’ve always wanted either a Morris Traveller which Paul has expressly forbidden unless I can pay him to look after … Continue reading

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An odd surreal day

A few weeks ago I received this invitation. Somewhat of a surprise, I mean I know you won’t believe this of me but it isn’t every day I get a letter like this. As I opened the envelope it did … Continue reading

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Not a usual sort of day.

My frock is ready, just cleaned the fust off my smart shoes (I don’t wear my one pair of black heeled shoes all that often, I think it’s probably been about 4 years now). I’ve had the oh my word … Continue reading

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