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As you requested

Today I was tempted to try to throw, I’m getting itchy fingers. I didn’t though, maybe tomorrow, I looked at the clay that Paul pugged for me the other night but it just made me feel a bit uncomfortable even … Continue reading

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No new ones yet so here's some oldies instead

Today I have been back in my workshop and it felt good. It’s long time since I was able to be there for more than a couple of minutes just popping in and out. I do love my little space … Continue reading

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You know I'm feeling better when…

You know I’m starting to feel more myself when I start taking pictures again. I’ve been walking up and down the road a bit the last week, I still can’t believe how much impact (no pun intended) a relatively minor … Continue reading

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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Well never have my accounts, my CV and my website been so up to date. The boredom has driven me to doing all the things that I will usually gladly put off in favour of almost anything else. So today … Continue reading

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Pots in Place

Well, strictly speaking tiles in place. You may remember pictures of these tiles in the various stages of preparation, decoration and finish, and the picture of Dave and Sue looking at them in the farm yard at Spring Fling. Well … Continue reading

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Germany continued…

Here we are again, some more pictures from the Hohr–Grenzhausen trip. You can tell that I am capable of doing virtually nothing here at the moment by the fact that all these posts are from the trip. It does mean … Continue reading

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Around the Town

Here’s a brief trip around Hohr–Grenzhausen for you all. It’s a very pretty little place as you can see. Gas kilns a plenty in this old factory, whoppers. The barmaid in this pub, well there’s a story, I think she … Continue reading

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Bartmannkrug Frenzy

Around every corner was a Bellarmine jar or six, the slightly wonky, sagged in the kiln ones were my favourites. I was trying to draw some, I did do a bit but I find it awkward trying to draw when … Continue reading

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Through Germany and the Netherlands with food

On the way back to the ferry at Rotterdam how could we not stop in on a random Dutch cheese shop? The owner of this one was wonderful, obviously very proud of his shop and told us all about all … Continue reading

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Back from Germany, not quite in one piece…

Well here I am, have you missed me? It’s probably been quiet and peaceful with none of my waffling going on for the last week or so, just think what the poor bunch of potters I’ve spent all that time … Continue reading

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