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Mid Fling Saturday Here is my workshop as it was this morning before the Fling started this morning. My sister has been helping me all day which has been fab. It’s been busy and fun and I have had a great time … Continue reading

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Pre Fling Friday

I just had Blogger Andrew giving me a hand with some pre Fling preparation this morning which was great, thanks Andrew, hope Potfest is going to be good for you.So the shelves are up, the gazebo is up, in the … Continue reading

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Yeah a new hidey hole, fab, I love it.

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Chaos v Calm

Well I have started early this year. Usually my pre Spring Fling mega clean and tidy up starts at about 11am on the friday in a panic. Today I believe is wednesday and I have done loads. I’ve been working … Continue reading

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Tuesday sneezy day

The pollen is doing it’s thing in style this week, bless me, bless me. Makes for everything being just that bit harder than you’d like it to be. My big big bowl, is off to a new home, it was … Continue reading

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Galloway News Article

I don’t know if this will be big enough for you to read, I hope so. Apart from the fact that I’m not open to the public apart from at Spring Fling and that Jason is helping me build a … Continue reading

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Sunny weekend

What a weekend! Beautifully sunny and hot, well Paul reckons it’s warm but for a red haired hay fever sufferer believe me it’s hot. I don’t do too well in the sun you know and it’s bringing out a lot … Continue reading

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Friday sunshine

The first t-shirt no jumper day of the year! That took me by surprise. It’s been a busy day, as per usual, I had to venture out into the town today. I haven’t been to Dumfries in what feel s … Continue reading

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Usually by this stage in the preceedings ie a week before Spring Fling, complete chaos has taken rule over my life and I’m running around like a headless chicken. For some reason this year it appears that mild bemusement has … Continue reading

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How often do you get a letter through the post that looks like this? How beautiful is that, I love it. I have been wanting to do a course for a while now in some sort of lettering skills, my … Continue reading

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