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Snowy / Rainy / Sunny / Windy

Cycled in in thick snow this morning, cycled home in sunshine, well ok only a tiny bit of sunshine but it was still sunshine. In between was some rain and continued high winds. I had a whole bundle of birds … Continue reading

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Reached my limit

I got the last two straight courses of bricks up this morning in the pleasant part of the day that came before the torrential downpour and howling gale that have been going on ever since. The work so far is … Continue reading

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More bricks

Another day of building, I am shattered! It’s coming on though. Two more courses of bricks to go until the start of the arch. In the kiln, it’s still to have a layer of lightweight insulation bricks to go inside … Continue reading

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Men at work – Happy Hannah

I remember once upon a time about 12 months ago putting up a post saying that we were making the foundation for the kiln and someone said they didn’t think I’d done anything as my dungarees were too clean. Well … Continue reading

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More pictures

Postcards arrived this afternoon. What do you think? This is the entrance to the ceramics rooms at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There are some big big pieces on the plinths around the room and you can just maybe make … Continue reading

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Welcome home

These little ladies were out waiting to welcome me home from London yesterday (except I took the picture this morning as it was dark when I came home but I’m sure they were there in spirit. Kindrogan was good, as … Continue reading

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New pots and a weekend away

I’d left a glaze kiln cooling when I jetted off for Devon last week, here are a couple of the things that came out of it. The plates above are for the Carbon Busters schools project which is run by … Continue reading

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Devon time

So if you hadn’t deduced where I scooted off to I’ve been to Devon to see Mr Fitch, a bit like going to London to visit the Queen but less corgi dogs and more galena. Apart from that it’s hard … Continue reading

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Damn these blooming wood firing potters are slave drivers. Been forced to sit outside glazing pots all day while Different Dave laid a concrete slab and the prima donna that is Mr Fitch swanned around throwing poses for the film … Continue reading

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No not sheep

Spring Fling brochures are out and about now, new and vastly improved, it’s a gorgeous publication this year, better than ever. You can download it from here or order a copy online. The last weekend in May, including the bank … Continue reading

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