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Round 2! Ding ding

So here are the finalists in the “Postcard Idol” competition, after a crazy voting session last week it was too close to call on some. Down to the final four, please place your votes…………now.1. Baluster jugs. 2. Harlequin mugs. 3. … Continue reading

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I haven’t done much in the way of print making since I was at uni on my foundation course but I do vaguely remember the smell of the melted ground and the acid bath. I remember liking the whole process … Continue reading

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Here we snow again

Some new ovally dishes slipped this morning. There was a small hint of possible snow in the forecast last night but I wasn’t expecting to wake up to a good 4inches of snow and it still coming down by the … Continue reading

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Sunny weather sunny pots.

The view from the bird hide on Lamb Island up in the river near here. There were no birds hiding in there though, there never are unless it’s just that I never see them and they are doing an amazing … Continue reading

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The people's choice

It feels like only a couple of weeks ago I was asking this question but I have next to no postcards left which means I must have met an awful lot of people last year or else I have some … Continue reading

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Rocks and Glass

The first issue of Craft&Design magazine with my diary piece in is now out, hasten to your local news agent and snap up a copy quick smart. I got a copy this afternoon, I haven’t read it, feels a bit … Continue reading

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The beasties are finished now. The top two are oil drizzlers and the two in the piture underneath are money boxes. Lots of new pots in the workshop at the moment, it’s becoming a bit crowded in there – again. … Continue reading

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Seven Year Itch

Friday again, feels like it’s been a long time coming this week. Unpacked another glaze kiln this afternoon and some more pots that I like a lot lot lot have come out, I didn’t have much time at the end … Continue reading

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Dark Skies

Well I rode home at half past five and I didn’t need my light son it was still so light. Spring is litteraly just around the corner. Tonight outside it is clear and crisp and the sky is incredible. If … Continue reading

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Behind bars

It’s not that they are dangerous that we keep them behind bars, it’s for their own safety. Such delicate little mites. So here’s some pictures from Designs, sorry the photography isn’t too great, just quick snaps as per usual. A … Continue reading

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