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Harvest Jug Wars

My big jug came out of the kiln yesterday Doug, you can tell we’ve both been looking at the same books recently. This is the largest in a set of three jugs. Still the smallest one to go but it … Continue reading

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Warm Weekend.

This weekend we had the pleasure and amusement of a visit from my potter friend Debbie who now lives in the British Virgin Islands in a place called Tortola. We were at college together and obviously I don’t see very … Continue reading

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It's a busy friday day.

What a list of things to do today, so long that I couldn’t even shake a stick at it. Some of it got done, some of it didn’t but isn’t that always the way. Monday’s list is forming as we … Continue reading

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Baskets and pots from across the sea.

There’s nothing like a bit of pressure is there to set you off making new things. For months and months now there has been in the planning a joint exhibition between the Scottish Potters Association and the Scottish Basket Makers … Continue reading

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To be going on with

Back home again and exhausted. It’s been a crazy busy but very enjoyable trip. Annabel and Elissa it was really great to see you both again. Thank you so much for your hospitality it is very much appreciated.The show went … Continue reading

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New V & A Ceramics Galleries!

Oh my! WOW! Kid in a sweet shop doesn’t describe the half of it. The new ceramics galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum are out of this world!!! Nearly went onto melt down, too much to take in but … Continue reading

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Off to London

Today I had the office staff from the Turning Point Scotland office in Dumfries at my workshop, they were all here to watch some demonstrations and have a try themselves at decorating some plates. I hope you all enjoyed your … Continue reading

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Splendid sunsets and slipware pots.

We have had a week of utterly fabulous weather, most of it I have spent inside on a course, inside in a photography studio and inside at a Scottish Potters meeting oh and driving to and from Edinburgh and Perth. … Continue reading

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Day out today in Edinburgh at a Cultural Enterprise Office event on marketing. It was a very early start for us and its been a beautifully sunny day while we sat inside all day doing sensible things. Great to have … Continue reading

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Philbeck Frenzy

I went to the opening of the Feast of Pots exhibition on sunday afternoon, a very pleasant way to spend a cold damp sunday afternoon. Met a friend of mine walking down the road to the gallery who said she … Continue reading

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