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Are we sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.Firstly sorry for keeping you all in suspenders all day, the actually story will probably be a disappointment after the big build up. Yesterday the Scottish Potters Association had arranged to visit Paisley Museum to have a close … Continue reading

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Why oh why. . .

Does even the simplest thing that I plan turn into some sort of epic adventure? What a day! Will tell you tomorrow when I’ve had chance to recover.

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High heels and handbags.

Popped down to work this morning to pack a glaze kiln and then back home to make a Victoria sponge cake for my mum and dad’s birthdays, we are going over to see them this afternoon. The puzzle jug is … Continue reading

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Today I just had to. . .

THROW!I have been desperate to throw some pots for the last couple of weeks, some proper pots, not just the wee bowls I managed the other day. I’ve big big fat jugs on the brain all week too so today … Continue reading

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The Galloway News

Myself and Zoe both made it into print this week in our local paper The Galloway News. I don’t know if the picture will blow up big enough for you to be able to read it but the article with … Continue reading

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Meeester Fitch at work

Beautiful jugs even if he wasn’t happy with many of them. I’ve never really had the chance to watch Doug work before now. I do find watching people throwing a little odd though. It feels like I’m watching something I … Continue reading

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New acquisitions

Lots of new pots in the house after the weekend. Two little Hannah bowls that Doug had kindly fired for me along with a Doug / Hannah collaborative mug of which there are a few more at work, a lovely … Continue reading

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The pots are in the sun, The pots are in the sun, Eee aye endio, The pots are in the sun Hurray!!!

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Softly softly does it.

Dodgy photo, suits a rather dodgy bit of throwing really. Dodgy but at least I did some. Very very soft clay and I could just about manage but it was awkward as I had to try to keep my index … Continue reading

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A trailing we will go

What a day! Beautiful and sunny and warm and lovely. I cycled down to work (first time since the hand – thorn incident) where I slip trailed (first time since same said incident) a couple of bowls and some salt … Continue reading

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