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Slip trailing in action!

I wonder if this is a progression of my Birdie range, maybe this is what’s left behind after the bird has gone off on his mission. Today I thought I would attempt to take some pictures of me trailing some … Continue reading

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Cumnock Pottery

Over the new year we visited the Dumfries Museum, I think I mentioned it at the time. I was looking at the two or three pieces of Cumnock pottery that they have there which is a slipware pottery made up … Continue reading

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More slippy bowls.

Look at these fabulous foot prints, great journey to work this morning, I walked down as the roads were far too icy for a bike (I got about 10 meters before I realised it was so slippy) there were so … Continue reading

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We have snow!

I just love snow, we drove back from Sheffield this afternoon over the A66 which amazingly was open being has been shut this week because of the thick snow. It’s a pretty exposed road up there but the fields and … Continue reading

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Wet slip and hopefully no snow.

Lots of freshly slipped mugs and little bowls left on the shelves to dry tonight and the heater most definitely left on it’s anti frost setting. About minus 3 degrees C when I left the house to go to work … Continue reading

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New pots.

Lots of throwing today, new bowl shapes, I’m really into new shapes and new decoration at the moment. I’m making in a way that I don’t usually make. Usually I would throw batches of the same thing and decorate in … Continue reading

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Regular Service Resumed

Now at the risk of appearing totally unprofessional a question for you. . . Can you name the creatures that left the marks in these photos in the snow in Galloway yesterday? Not one little flake of snow today and … Continue reading

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Due to a request I have removed my post from sunday. I felt I was highlighting an important exhibition in the Scottish calender but it has been suggested to me that by linking to it from my blog I could … Continue reading

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