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Shhhh, don't scare them. . .

I spotted these wee monkeys having a little huddle this morning when I got to work. I obviously caught them unawares I wonder what they were planning. The lesser trailed salt pigs, they’re rare around these parts. Crazy plate, I … Continue reading

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Wildlife upate

The wildlife count today has been as follows: three hares (two about to start boxing or just finishing and shaking hands I wasn’t quite sure)one herontwo buzzardsa million and three pheasantsand a sweet sweet little fellow who stuck his head … Continue reading

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A long tale.

I had a chat with my friend Christine today who told me off for not having mentioned something on here that I should have. I hadn’t mentioned it because although I was thrilled to bits when I got the letter … Continue reading

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Mad flowers and a Flat Cat

As from today a selection of my pots will be on show at The Flat Cat Gallery in Lauder in the Scottish Borders. I am reliably informed that at the moment you can also see and buy the work of … Continue reading

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This week I have been mostly. . .

. . . Moving wood, lots of wood, and stacking it to dry. It’s very green so it might be burnable this time next year. Some of it isn’t split as much as I’d hoped so that stuff might get … Continue reading

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It's much harder with chocolate

Chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing and chocolate decoration. Chocolate lolly pops. I just hope they stay on the sticks until I get them there.

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Guest decorator

Today my friend Zoe Blamire from The McGill Duncan Gallery in Castle Douglas came to visit as she really wanted to try her hand at decorating a pot. I like these guest pot decorators that I’m having at the moment, … Continue reading

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Remember this? Now they look like this. . . The two plate sheets of fused coloured glass have been dropped in the kiln through ceramic moulds (by Amanda, not sure on the temperature but the programme requires many more stages … Continue reading

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Well I have to do it now. . .

Some of Amanda’s tiles were in the last firing. She hasn’t seen them yet, I think they have come out a treat. She’ll be round again tomorrow for another session. Sgraffito of black through white slip, I think I can … Continue reading

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Love / hate relationship

I have a love / hate relationship with my glaze. When it’s good it’s fine and when it’s bad it’s beautiful. Let me explain, at my normal temperature (you probably already know this from my past problems with the kiln … Continue reading

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