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Head full

I think my brain is almost full of things that it had no idea about until today, what PPE to wear, the twelve health and safety features, guard links, tie links and pitch and depth gauges, rim and spur sprockets, … Continue reading

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I seem to have been a bit way laid in the last few days, pots and flipping paper work needing doing and being very tired at the end of it all. It didn’t feel like there was much to report … Continue reading

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This is a not particularly good image of one of the tables of entries for the Clayopolis competition at Potfest. I always forget to take many pictures at these things. Somewhere I have a picture of the piece that won … Continue reading

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Once there's a reason it makes more sense.

I feel ill, that’s why I can’t find any umphh, I’m sneezing and gasping for breath at the slightest thing and dizzy if I stand up too fast and my sinus’ are ever so slightly pressured. I feel better just … Continue reading

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Tick tock

This afternoon I found myself just sat sitting watching the precious minutes ticking by but without the energy to drag myself up. Every day is very valuable at the moment, just a couple or three weeks till a show here … Continue reading

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Quick, build an ark.

Well it has rained pretty much solidly all day here in south-west Scotland, and even for us, for it to be this heavy and this prolonged is unusual. I am looking at Alan’s wood pile in the barn across from … Continue reading

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Potfest in the Pens

My photography skills are very lacking and lots of the pictures appear to be very shaky. Above is one of the fuddling cups that I made last week and below one of the money boxes. These pots are cutting it … Continue reading

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Home sweet home.

Home again but I left Paul at the station in Carlisle on the way back so he could get the train over to Newcastle to work there tomorrow.Potfest was the best ever Potfest for me, I sold a lot of … Continue reading

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Smokey buildings.

Well here they are, they’re only tiny, the tallest is about three inches high, some of them have impressed marks indicating windows on them. I’ve borrowed the piece of slate that they are sat on from Alan at work (hope … Continue reading

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Another day another broken pot.

Ok, Paul’s out on a time trial, the washing up is done and the biscuits are made and in the oven so I can write this which I seem not to have done for ages. For one reason and another … Continue reading

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