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Well that was a busy busy old day, I got lots done though and I’m really pleased about that. There are now lots of decorated pots sitting on my shelves drying and the kiln is packed and on for a … Continue reading

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Purple fingers

Blackberry picking this afternoon, lots of them along the lane here, we’ve now got a freezer full of them. Been working hard again, got quite a lot done and met a gentleman who was on Hazel’s painting course and who … Continue reading

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Funky Friday

Another plate out of the last firing (I didn’t show you this one last time did I? Not sure.) It’s been a busy day again, popped of for a massage this morning to try to fix my hand after the … Continue reading

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Another day, a bit more panic.

My kiln was cool enough to unpack this morning, mainly full of pots for orders, the sgraffito above is on a plate ordered as a wedding present, there are some beakers and a large jug to be made to go … Continue reading

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Mamma Mia

Eee it were grand, almost forgot it was grey and wet and chilly here and that I wasn’t a young tanned lassie wearing not a great deal dancing around a little Greek island in the sun with (apparently) Pierce Brosnan … Continue reading

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It’s conspiring against me, I can’t get my pots dry fast enough and it’s driving me mad. I had to leave the heater on over night at work. They tell me it’s August!Hand a bit of a weird purple / … Continue reading

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A day of throwing today as planned and some decorating, got a fair amount done, but not half of what was on my list. I think the list held enough items for at least three days though. Just before dinner … Continue reading

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Cecil was a catapillar, Cecil was my friend

That is to say he was my friend until I found him and his entire extended family devouring my sprouts yesterday morning! I collected 70 to put away over the fence but then lost count, just been out now to … Continue reading

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Money boxes and fuddling cups.

Amanda Simmons my good friend and fantastic glass artist who along with me will be sending the Devon Guild some work for their Christmas show “Celebrate,” kindly took some photos for me last weekend. She’s setting herself up with lights … Continue reading

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Brmmmmmmmm brmmmmmmm

Well they let us lose today, been chopping up trees all day, well not quite all day but enough to get a good feel for the thing. No piece of wood is now safe from me, let me at it! … Continue reading

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