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Outside our cottage this evening.

Lovely views don’t you think, going to be a good sunset in a bit. The top one is looking northwest towards the Galloway hills, the middle looking pretty much due south the main hill being Screel (good scramble up there … Continue reading

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Back in the workshop after a weekend in the sun and raring to go. Set to with a rack of mugs, it being almost Potfest and me having only a couple of mugs on the shelves at the moment. Then … Continue reading

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Up int thills.

Lovely sunny weekend, had a great walk as I say up int thills near Pebbles on saturday. I had a committee meeting for the Scottish Potters today in Fife so we went up yesterday, camped over and Paul biked today … Continue reading

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Paul was making dinner tonight while I was baking millionaire’s shortbread and he made the comment that living in this house is difficult because not only do you have to decide what to make to eat (Vietnamese chicken curry with … Continue reading

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Well. . .

I was down in Dumfries today doing a wee spot of teaching working on a one to one basis with adults with learning disabilities. The studio is on the railway station in town and at about half past ten this … Continue reading

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Day two for the sponge

The new sponge is not endearing itself to me. It doesn’t so much soak liquid up as just move it around. Hmmm. Did some more throwing this afternoon, a couple of big platters and a big big bowl.If it makes … Continue reading

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A new little helper.

Today I began the long slow process of introducing a new assistant to my pottery. It happened because last week my old faithful sponge started to disintegrate in a big way (I found quite a chunk of it in some … Continue reading

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More sgraffito.

I have spent another couple of hours this morning on the big sgraffito jug. I’ve been cutting away some background slip and adding a sun a moon and some stars and there’s still lots of space begging to be decorated. … Continue reading

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Oh blitherin' 'eck.

Lots of decorating was the order of the day, and so I started with a board of cereal bowls all in the Birdie design and I counted that one of them alone had 107 dots on it. A little excessive … Continue reading

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Wee Birdies.

That’s all the now.

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