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Hatfield again.

Oh now I’m even more distressed at not being able to get to Hatfield. The one and only, utterly amazing queen of slipware, Mary Wandrausch is exhibiting this year. How did that fact manage to pass me by? I don’t … Continue reading

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Lots to see.

It rained today! How big does that plant pot look!? These are to upside down tea bowls for Potfest. Ron mentioned that Doug says he doesn’t make tea bowls thinking they’re not really an earthenware pot and I agree, I … Continue reading

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Usually Hatfield and Potfest clash and as I do Potfest I have never seen Hatfield. However this year due to full moons and leap years and other such stuff they don’t clash, Hatfield is this weekend but it’s also 348 … Continue reading

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Oh 'eck

Sorry dreadful photo. Suffering somewhat in the heat, it’s gone to my head, I think that that is what’s responsible for these three tea bowls. They are for the Potfest pot swap, not that I’m leaving it a bit late … Continue reading

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Had an amazingly glorious sunny hot day down at Hutton in the Forest near Penrith at Potfest in the Park today, in fact I think I got a bit too much sun. Being a red head that doesn’t take a … Continue reading

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Well it wasn't as warm as I'd hoped but. . .

We went down to Carrick for a swim this evening, it had cooled off a lot but you know what it’s like you sort of adjust to the near Baltic-ness of the sea. It’s a fab spot and we had … Continue reading

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A bit of a Toft moment.

I had two of these ready to decorate this afternoon, I’m still on the oak tree theme so that’s where I started. Looks sort of bald and naked when it’s only half done. I gave the first one the fish … Continue reading

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I think it's summer!

Wow what a day, utterly fabulously sunny and very very hot, the rain is currently bouncing off the ground but until an hour ago it was a proper summers day. I had pots sitting happily in the sun all day … Continue reading

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I found this not so wee monster on his back in the middle of my workshop floor this morning, how on earth he got there I have no idea. Never seen one like that around these parts before. Being as … Continue reading

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It's a small world but I wouldn't like to paint it.

This morning I was flicking through some old glaze notebooks looking for some information that I thought Blogger Andrew might be interested in and I came across this printed sheet I’d obviously used at uni. The word “Shelby” jumped out … Continue reading

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