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Thanks Alan.

An hour of sorting and the workshop is back to how it should be. Phew! I’ve really enjoyed the weekend but I’m exhausted. I got my bisque unpacked, it’s been sat there since wednesday last week waiting and it’s all … Continue reading

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Day 3.

This morning we received a visit from 20 Japanese kids who are staying at a school nearby, they were really keen to see a pot throwing demo. They watched in silence as I centered the clay and then as I … Continue reading

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Day 2.

The farm yard before the visitors, lovely and still and sunny. Another day full of talking to people and trying to demonstrate on the wheel and putting on handles for visitors to see. Lots more lovely people have visited today, … Continue reading

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Day 1.

I’ve had some really lovely people through the workshop today, one couple who stumbled a few years ago upon a tiny wee studio on a railway station and fell in love with the pots of a certain Mr Paul Young, … Continue reading

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The chaos theory.

From this: Through this: To this: I hope the film works, let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll fiddle with it again. In one long day with a good bit of physical help from my dad and some … Continue reading

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The Micro Cosmic Pantomime

The bit of my brain that has kept awake and is still thinking through the current haze is beginning to panic about the fact that on saturday morning I have to open my workshop to the public. The Spring Fling … Continue reading

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I'm so glad…

that I didn’t feel like this at the weekend. I seem to have acquired a nasty sinus infection, feel utterly rubbish and I have so much work to do and I can’t get an appointment at the doctors because I … Continue reading

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Bring on the wood kiln!!!!

Oh my what a weekend! I fell in love with a pretty little (or not so little) bottle kiln and the things it does to pots. How exciting. I honestly don’t know where to start with it all. I went … Continue reading

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Off tomorrow

The pots are packed, still waiting for my shelves to be finished, the plan is to pick them up in Rhonehouse on my way out tomorrow, a friend is making me some new shelves as I’m never satisfied with what … Continue reading

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Monday monday

Yeah Paul came back yesterday, we went out for a walk up in the Dalbeattie woods (I’m a red head the sun gets to me pretty easily.) Fabulous day, just beautiful, and again today, that is I do believe almost … Continue reading

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