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Blackwell House

Well last night I went for a bit of a jolly jaunt with three friends, Amanda (the glass artist), Helen (our Craft Development Officer and friend of Doug’s) and Elinor (our Visual Arts Development Officer). We went off over the … Continue reading

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The press ups paid off!

I don’t like to boast but I just caught this zebra struggling to get a drink out of one of my jugs.

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Hugely happy Hannah

Yippee!! I have unpacked a glaze firing this afternoon and I am a very very happy girl. It’s lovely, did exactly what it should, my glaze is lovely and rich without popping off the pots and all is good with … Continue reading

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Slip trailing marathon.

I seem to have been on a slip trailing mission today. I suddenly realised I had quite a stack of pots sitting quietly under plastic waiting to be decorated and I was running out of ware boards so thought I … Continue reading

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So far so good.

Well my kiln is full of plant pots and lots of pyrometric cones so as I can see what it is capable of at least. I really need to start getting things through and finished, time is marching on. It … Continue reading

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These pots were fresh out of the wood fired Joe Finch fast fire kiln. It was the first time the kiln had been fired and the so the first time that it had been salted, Mark Griffiths and John Jelfs … Continue reading

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It'll be a ramble so be prepared.

Ok, where do I begin? I have a feeling this will be a bit of a rambling disjointed entry so please bear with me. The salt glaze weekend was great, I really enjoyed it. I was in a crazy B&B … Continue reading

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I'll be back. .

I’m home and I had a fab weekend and I’m tired and my kiln man was here for nearly 5 hours today bless him, hoping hoping hoping he’s sorted it out, still have to get the electrician out too to … Continue reading

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Salt glaze weekend.

Way before Christmas I saw an advert for a Celebrating salt and soda glaze weekend at Whichford Pottery near Shipston-on-Stour in Warwickshire. Years ago I had an interview, in fact two interviews there for their apprenticeship scheme sadly it was … Continue reading

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Home again.

It feels like I’ve been away for weeks. I’m not sure yet what I feel about the trade show, it’s still sinking in I suppose. I took a couple of firm orders for work, a few possibilities for things that … Continue reading

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