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New jugs.

How come when you get to only about four weeks to go before a big deadline suddenly it seems like a really great idea to start working on new shapes for my ranges? Today I thought new jugs must be … Continue reading

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Friday – all day.

On fridays I always feel like I have to get as many things as I can finished off before the weekend, I feel I should take advantage of the two days that things can be drying in. It’s been a … Continue reading

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Pots and things.

Been a rather busy couple of days, too busy for much blogging. I’m glad Lizzie finally managed to have a look, she’s been promising me she’ll look for ages. She had a bunch of freshly cut willow brought over yesterday, … Continue reading

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The Joy of Sunny Days.

Aren’t they wonderful theese fabulous sunny days, I love it. Today was the first tea break of the year spent sat outside on my bench in the sun. May there be many more to come.My N.F.U.S plates were collected today, … Continue reading

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Todays offerings.

Today is just some pics of a couple of my big plates that I decorated this morning, they are for a commission. The one for Lockhart is the second attempt as on the first I so stupidly spelt the name … Continue reading

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Jugs and toppled lorries on a sunny day.

Today I got to decorate the big jugs that I threw last week, they feel a little heavy, I think it’s going to take a little getting used to throwing shapes that I have to actually pull up again. It’s … Continue reading

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Thank you to the blogger boys.

What a fabulously beautiful day again, I just love these cold crisp days, so sunny and bright. It was a lovely ride down the road to work (well apart from my little disagreement with a frozen muddy tractor tyre rut … Continue reading

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Do you know what I need?

More days in the week, that’s what I need! Where on earth does it all go to so fast. I noticed this today for two reasons. Firstly this year I had great grand plans for being ultra prepared, not ending … Continue reading

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Big Plates.

Here we go, as suggested by Doug I beat out the base (6lb), rolled a 1m long sausage (8lb) and added the sausage to the base. It’s the biggest plate I’ve ever made, at the moment it measures 58cm diameter … Continue reading

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Oh bugger!

This about sums up my day today. Spot the 2nd handle in a place where I would really rather it wasn’t. I’m told Pluto is going backwards or maybe it was Venus I can’t remember, anyway apparently that sends things … Continue reading

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