Slipware Wood Fired Mugs

Hannah McAndrew, award winning Scottish slipware potter, produces a range of hand thrown earthenware pots using slipware techniques. Based in South West Scotland and in Mid Devon, Hannah shares workshops with fellow potter and now husband, Douglas Fitch. Both use the traditional techniques of slip trailing, sgraffito and firing with wood to create a contemporary range of pots.

Hannah’s ceramics are exhibited internationally and available to buy online and through several galleries.

‘Hannah McAndrew makes the kind of pots that give me warm glow inside, they are pots I can imagine using myself with great enjoyment everyday. Her work retains a very strong connection to the historical slipwares seen in museum collections, strong forms with balanced decoration that make the most of the natural characteristics of clay and glazes. The decoration has a refined sophistication that gives her pots a contemporary edge.’   

Helen Walsh, Curator of Ceramics at York Museums Trust and Craft & Design Selected Awards Judge and